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Every visit is more than just shopping—it’s an experience. Enjoy the purity of Odessa’s distilled water and craft your personal vintage with SIX40 Winery.

Our Specialties

We craft life’s essentials with care: from the purest distilled water to your personalized vintage wines, tailored for every taste.

Distilled Water

Enjoy a higher quality of water with our Odessa distilled water. We have 24/7 self-serve filling and delivery available.

Water Bottle Filling

Bring your bottles and we’ll refill with our Odessa, distilled water.

24/7 Self-Service

Refill your bottles at any time of the day with our self-service station.

Delivery Available

Whether to your office or home, we offer hassle free delivery.


Explore winemaking at SIX40 Winery. Select from our wide-range of grape varieties and let the fermentation begin.

On-Site Winemaking

Select your favourite wine variety and we’ll take it from there.

Take-Home Kits

Trying at-home wine making has never been easier with our diy kits.

Shop Accessories

From corks to openers, we have all of your favourite wine accessories.

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